Artex was founded in 1928 and has a history within industrial sewing and upholstery. Today we have an engineering team with mechanical, textile, chemistry, design and product development competence that work together with prototype makers, textile craftsmen and production personnel. The facilities are in Sweden and Latvia, with a staff of around 350 people. Artex designs, redesigns, manufacture, refurbish and upgrade seats, covers and other interior components for trains, aviation, trucks and public interiors. We are certified according to ISO-14001 and 9001. When refurbishing a train of 10 000 seats using Artex refurbishment skills, you save around €8 millions and 600 Tons of CO2eq, compared to making new purchases.


Company name:ARTEX AB

Address:Industrigatan 2
Zip code & City:SE-595 41 Mjölby
Phone number:+46 142 133 40
Contact person:Björn Samenius