Concrete mainline and turnout sleepers, grade crossings Know-how, product design and development as well as construction and installation of production equipment.
AQ Group

Leading supplier of inductive components, cable systems, enclosures, drivers desks and cabinets for rolling stock and for fixed installations.
Axis Communications

The global market leader in network video. Dedicated surveillance solutions for public transport and railway applications.
Backer BHV AB

Backer produces components and systems for electric heating, heating regulation as well as resistors.
Bombardier Transportation Sweden

Global leader in the rail industry. Wide range of products, vehicles, total transit systems, rail control solutions, propulsion and controls.

Market leader of small parts/fasteners covering a wide range of  products from traditional fasteners to complicated processed and assembled components of different materials.

Cactus UniView

TMS/CTC solutions that give improved punctuality and more rational operations. ERTMS L2 compliancy under development.
Cale Access

Leading supplier of flexible system solutions, related accessories, service and support within Unattended Payment and Fee systems.
Cetwin AB

Cetwin AB – More than 20 years of qualified international experience in ticketing! .
Consilium Transport Safety

Early smoke and fire detection/protection systems for all types of railway applications.

World Leader in Train Connection Systems.

Global supplier of Electric connection systems, complete with accessories, support and know-how.  
  ELTEL Networks Infranet

Builds, maintains and develops Infranet solutions based on an effective interplay between electricity, telecom and IT.
Gerdins Components Västerås AB

Gerdins Components Västerås is a company within Gerdins Group. Gerdins Components Västerås has many years of experience of mechanical parts manufacturing in close cooperation with its customers, ranging from simple components to complete systems .
Goodtech Projects & Services

Highly qualified technical solutions within automation, electrical installation and power technology including service and maintenance.



Icomera is the world's leading provider of open Internet connectivity and application platforms for passenger transport and public safety.
Kockum Sonics

Audible warning devices for conventional and high speed trains.  
 Kockums Industrier

Northern Europe’s premier manufacturer of specially designed wagons for rail freight. .
MIC Nordic AB

MIC Nordic provides complete solutions for improving indoor mobile coverage. We create the infrastructure and make mobile communication indoors possible, even if the building has low energy windows, the locality is underground, or there are any other obstacle that may weaken signals.
Nordic Ground Support Equipment

Unique systems for both de- and anti-icing and mobile solutions for lavatory service.
Elmia Nordic Rail

Organizer of railway meetings, conferences and trade fairs.
Observit AB

Observit improves video surveillance in buses, trains and other mobile objects through central management, monitored operation and reliable recording of high quality digital video. 
Parker Hannifin AB

As the leader in motion and control technologies, Parker Hannifin partners with its customers to increase their productivity and profitability, all over the World.

AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC converters for railway applications ranging from a few watts to kilowatts.
Prover Technology

Solutions for specification, coding, simulation and formal verification of control and signaling applications.
Railcare Export AB

Innovative products for Vacuum Excavation of railway embankments and Snow Removal.
Rejlers Sverige

Leading railway consultant offering advanced services for electrical, signalling and telecom systems for mass transportation and railway systems.
Rosenqvist Rail

Modern products and procedures for construction and maintenance of railway.
Roxtec International

Global supplier of flexible sealing solutions for cables and pipes, ensuring safety and operational reliability in the railway industry.
Complete partner for radio communication solutions. Provider of security solutions based on command and control systems for total situation awareness.

World leader in the design and manufacture of high-tech battery systems for rail  transportation and mass transit systems.
Sensys Traffic

Advanced systems for traffic safety and traffic informatics, including Pantograph Monitoring equipment for railways.
SRS Sjölanders AB

World leading manufacturer of multiflexible road-rail vehicles.

Global system supplier offering engineering solutions based on bearings, axle boxes, sensors, engineering services and systems for condition based maintenance.
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

We create value in cooperation

High strength steel for weight savings and improved crash resistance.  
Strängbetong Rail AB

Main supplier of sleepers, crossings and other infrastructure components, structures and buildings of precast concrete.
Sweco AB

Sweden’s number one railway consultant offering services within survey, analysis, design, construction and project management.

Northern Europe’s leading maintenance company in the rail freight wagon sector.

A leading design house specializing in industrial and telecommunication services covering the entire life cycle of a product or a system.

Services and tools to increase fleet performance while reducing overall cost.
TagMaster AB

High performance RFID equipment for positioning and automatic identification of rolling stock.
TD Rail & Industry

With more than two decades experience within the rail industry
TD Rail & Industry  provides highly skilled consultancy services to the entire rail sector.
TD Rail & Industry – your partner for more efficient rail projects.  

Provides consulting services in infrastructure planning and design, advanced structural engineering and urban development. Focusing on long-term sustainable development of the railway transport system.
Univox / Bo Edin AB

Univox by Edin is the world's leading expert and producer of high quality hearing loop systems. Our ambition is to include everyone!

Wheelchair lifts and ramps for improved accessibility for disabled people to railway coaches, trams and busses
Westermo Teleindustri

State of the art data communication equipment for trackside and rolling stock applications.
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