Sweden has long enjoyed a worldwide reputation for an advanced railway technology. The Swedish railway industry is well established and recognized in the export market. The industry is continously developing services, technologies and equipment for the railways of the future with focus on areas like environment, energy saving, safety and security.

Sweden has been in the forefront when it comes to restructuring and transforming of the state railways into efficient business oriented units designed to meet the customer requirements and the competition with other means of transport. This process has also contributed to the development of strong market oriented Swedish suppliers of products and services within the railway sector.

In this environment leading Swedish companies covering the whole railway sector have founded SWERIG – Swedish Rail Industry Group.

The SWERIG member companies have a combined annual export figure of approximately 10 billion SEK.

SWERIG is an organization with the major aim to initiate, co- ordinate and administrate joint marketing activities for the group on selected export markets.
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SWERIG will assist you with pleasure in finding the appropriate companies for your needs