old About us

Sweden has long enjoyed a worldwide reputation for an advanced railway technology. The Swedish railway industry is well established and recognized in the export market. The industry is continously developing services, technologies and equipment for the railways of the future with focus on areas like environment, energy saving, safety and security.

Sweden has been in the forefront when it comes to restructuring and transforming of the state railways into efficient business oriented units designed to meet the customer requirements and the competition with other means of transport. This process has also contributed to the development of strong market oriented Swedish suppliers of products and services within the railway sector.

In this environment leading Swedish companies covering the whole railway sector have founded SWERIG – Swedish Rail Industry Group.


SWERIG focuses on the railway industries export. Members in SWERIG are railway industry companies interested in increasing their export. The member companies include all areas of the railway technology and knowledge sector, from rolling stock, sub-systems, components, infrastructure technology and building, maintenance, software and consultancy companies.

By joining SWERIG a company gets:

  • Networking: An extensive network of export and management people from various parts of the railway industry. We learn from each other!
  • Seminars: At the seminars the member companies gets information about export business opportunities, export support programs and the chance to meet potential customers from other countries.
  • Business information: The SWERIG office collects information about business opportunities and forwards these to the member companies.
  • Export dialogue: The SWERIG board and office participates in a dialogue with Swedish authorities regarding how the Swedish export support system can be improved and more adapted to the needs of the railway industry.
  • B2B-projects: SWERIG both arranges own B2B-trips to potential customers in other countries, and is a speaking partner to Business Sweden for the trips that they arrange.
  • Exhibition-projects: SWERIG arranges joint stands, traditionally at Innotrans and Nordic Rail, where the member companies in a cost effective way gets the chance to have their own part of the stand.

SWERIG is a non-profit organization, financed by service and projects fees from the member companies. The service fee includes all activities except projects like B2B-trips and joint stands at exhibitions, which are financed by project fees from the participating companies.