AQ Components Västerås AB

Area of operation
AQ Components Västerås is a company within AQ Group. AQ Components Västerås has many years of experience of mechanical parts manufacturing in close cooperation with its customers, ranging from simple components to complete systems. Development and design of articles and products are central to the way we work with our clients from different industries. AQ Components Västerås is a partner with a high level of expertise within manufacturing of components to the train industries and can support the customer in the process from concept to finished product.

Key products/services
Today we are the largest producer of copper details in Sweden. We have extensive expertise in the field and the ability to design, produce and deliver complex parts in short time and in large volumes. All this in a very cost effective manner.

Welding to the train industries
AQ Components Västerås has extensive experience working with welded structures in different shapes and materials. AQs is ISO 3834-2 and EN ISO 15085-2 certified, which means that we are prepared to take on qualified welding tasks. Our welding operations are performed in a new and highly modern workshop. Designed to best perform both simpler and more skilled welding operations.


Company name:AQ Components Västerås AB
Address:Kretskortsvägen 6
Zip code & City:SE-721 36 Västerås
Phonenumber:+46 21 470 33 30
Contact person:Peter Örjes
Contact person:Johan Lindström