Oxyfi AB

Internet access solutions for the public transport sector

Oxyfi is a leading provider of internet access solutions to the public transportation sector.

We connect vehicles including rolling stock, buses and ferries to the internet using several simultaneous mobile data carriers for the best possible capacity and robustness. We also equip our customer’s vehicles with both wired and wireless managed LAN. This communications architecture is monitored 24/7 and is typically shared across various systems and vendors on-board.

In addition, Oxyfi also offers a set of software modules for effective management of large passenger volumes wanting to connect their laptop or mobile phone to the internet via WiFi.

Oxyfi’s solutions meet international standards including EN 50155, EN 45545 and E-mark certification.

Our team consists of specialists in data communication and open software design solutions. We have deep knowledge of the requirements and standards specific to the railway industry.

Oxyfi retrofits systems and supports in-factory fitting during manufacturing of new train-sets.

Oxyfi delivers turnkey projects to PTAs, fleet owners, vehicle manufacturers and operators. A customer project often includes setup/configuration of software platforms, electrical and mechanical vehicle integration, risk assessments, mechanical fitting constructions, installation, external roof antenna systems, commissioning tests, go-2-market assistance and daily operational and monitoring services.


Company name:Oxyfi AB
Address:Alsnögatan 11
Zip code & City:116 41 STOCKHOLM
Phone number:+46 8 550 023 61
Contactperson:Håkan Larsson