Järnvägsklustret i Västerås

Area of operation
The Railway Cluster in Västerås is a cooperation between railway technology companies located in Västerås and Västmanland Region.

The cluster provides a cooperation platform who involves the important topics as Competence, Innovation and Social development to achieve good and sustainable businesses for the member companies. There are train manufacturers, infrastructure contractors, engineering and training consultants, complemented and strengthened by providers of operations and maintenance (O&M) services and research and development (R&D) competence.

The Cluster aims to strengthen the region as a leading centre for railway technology:
– Where our industry interacts for increased business volumes,
– Where our industry attracts more people for employment and industry-oriented studies,
– Where arenas are offered for local, national and international interaction with a focus on societal needs for sustainable transport solutions.

Järnvägsklustret i Västerås

Expectrum, Kopparbergsvägen 10, SE-722 13 Västerås

Telephone +46 21 490 02 74

Website www.jarnvagsklustret.se

Rolf Alm