Railway - a growing industry

The passenger and freight traffic utilization of the Swedish railway is growing fast. So is the country's railway industry, which is much focused on export.

The Swedish government have decided on a national infrastructure investment plan which includes interesting projects like the introduction of high speed lines between the three largest cities in Sweden,a metro extension in Stockholm, further investments in ERTMS and major upgrades of the existing rail network. So the home market is growing, as well as the export markets, where growing cities around the world and the climate steadily increases the need for more tracks and trains.

The railway technology supply industry in Sweden consists of large manufacturers, as well as many small and medium sized entrepreneurs, many subcontractors, consultancy companies and specialized maintenance companies. The largest rail industry player in Sweden is Bombardier with its global presence as a rolling stock and signaling system supplier. In sweden the company develops and produces propulsion systems and has the global head office for Rail control Solutions. The company has product development in Sweden, for instance solutions for active suspension, efficient motors, aerodynamics, winter robustness and lower acoustic levels are already implemented in trains in Sweden, Europe and Asia.

An important and growing part of the Swedish railway industry is the companies for railway related IT-products and services. The produce RFID-tags, Ethernet-solutions, security systems, electronic components and rail traffic management technology.