Market reports

Brooks Market Intelligence Reports provide in depth studies of selected market sectors. They are independently researched and completely impartial, written by freelance industry experts. Below you find links to new reports to purchase.

Brooks Reports to the Rail Market

  • The Rail Market in UK – 2016  Increasing demand for passenger capacity in the UK Rail Market has led to plenty of orders for train builders. This latest Brooks report The Rail Market in the UK – 2016 provides readers with a comprehensive overview of a busy, fast-changing market that offers great opportunities for suppliers.
  • The Rail Market in Southeast Asia – 2016 – Southeast Asia’s rail market is a vibrant and fast-moving sector, with numerous projects continuing in every country across the region as governments respond to pressing requirements to improve railway infrastructure across nations and major cities.
  • The Rail Market in Italy – 2015 – The 2015 edition of this popular report provides a concise up-to-date overview of Europe’s fourth most extensive rail network, outlining the structure of the country’s main line and regional rail transport market and summarising its political, budgetary and regulatory environment