Webinar on the Interoceanic Corridor in Mexico

Join Business Sweden’s upcoming webinar and learn about a new business opportunity in Mexico!

Right now, a gateway between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean is being built in Mexico. In the Interoceanic Corridor project, a 300 km dry canal aims to provide an alternative to the Panama Canal. The project will be carried out in the Tehuantepec Isthmus, which represents the shortest distance between the two oceans.

The project includes the modernization and reconstruction of the railway, the building of stations, the creation of industrial parks, the modernization of two harbors and also solutions for logistics, security and operations. In other words, there are many opportunities for a wide array of Swedish companies.

Join us to get more information on how this project could be relevant for your company and also on how you can benefit from the Swedish export credit systems when expanding abroad!

Time: 24th of June, 15:00

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