Swerigs medlemsföretag erbjuder hela utbudet av järnvägsprodukter och tjänster – från planering, teknisk rådgivning, systemdesign och installationer längs järnvägen, rullande materiel inklusive komponenter och järnvägsmjukvara. Se nedan för en lista över företag eller välj en lösning/kategori.

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Alstom Sweden

As a global leader in the rail industry, we cover the full spectrum of rail solutions, ranging from trains to subsystems and signalling to complete turnkey transport systems, e-mobility technology and data- driven maintenance services. Sweden serves as a technology hub for Alstom, developing trains, signalling equipment and propulsion and control systems for domestic and global markets and will soon offer an innovative rail and e-mobility test and technology centre in Västerås.

Key products/services
Railway vehicles, signalling equipment, traction & control.

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Artex designs, redesigns, manufactures, refurbishes and upgrades seats beds, covers and other interior components for trains and public interiors. Certified according to ISO-14001 and 9001. When refurbishing a train of 10 000 seats using Artex refurbishment skills, you save around €8 millions and 600 Tons of CO2eq, compared to making new purchases.

Key products/services
Passenger seats, seat refurbishment

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Axis Communications AB

Axis enables a smarter and safer world by creating network solutions that provide insights for improving security and new ways of doing business. As the industry leader in network video, Axis offers products and services for video surveillance and analytics, access control, and audio systems. Axis has more than 3,500 dedicated employees in over 50 countries and collaborates with partners worldwide to deliver customer solutions. Axis was founded in 1984 and has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden.

Area of operation
Axis is a IT company offering network video solutions for professional installations. The company is the global market leader in network video, driving the onngoing shift from analog to digital video surveillance. Axis products and solutions focus on security surveillance and remote monitoring, and are based on innovative, open technology platforms. Axis is a Swedish-based company, operating worldwide with offices in more than 20 countries and cooperating with partners covering 179 countries.

Key products/services
Network video solutions



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Backer BHV AB

Nibe Railway Components (NRC) is a cooperation between companies within the NIBE Element Group. The Element group is, in turn, one of the three business units of NIBE Industries. NIBE Industries is a 1 billion € company with 10 000 employees on four continents who has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1997.

NRC is a global producer and developer of components as well as complete intelligent solutions and software technology for the rail industry. The solutions cover both infrastructure and rolling stock.

Backer BHV and Calesco are two units in the NRC cooperation, and part of the NIBE Element Group, offering solutions primarily to the rolling stock market.

Backer BHV focuses on HVAC and Comfort Heating and have more than 60 years of accumulated competence and experience in the rail sector. Main product technologies are tubular elements, aluminum profiles as well as measurement- and control devices.

Calesco, a business unit within Backer BHV, offers the widest product range of all flexible foil heater manufacturers in the world. Over 40 years of experience, from a diversity of industry sectors and applications, has given Calesco the competence not only to supply heating components but complete, intelligent and light weight flexible foil solutions.

Key products/service

  • Floor heating
  • Wastewater pipe heaters
  • Coupler heaters
  • Mirror heaters
  • Temperature controllers
  • Body side heaters
  • Tubular heaters
  • Flexible foil heaters
  • Aluminum elements
  • Switch point heating
  • Contact wire heating
  • Resistor load systems
Bild Backer-Calesco
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Cactus Rail AB

We deliver turn-key projects for rail traffic solutions. Our traffic management system is part of the ERTMS roll-out in Sweden. Cactus can help you unify your diverse infrastructure whatever their age or system type. Our Analytics platform enables data driven decisions to optimize the life cycle cost of critical assets. Cactus is a natural long-term partner in managing rail bound traffic.

Key products/services
Cactus Traffic Management System (TMS). The Cactus Traffic Management System includes all the fundamental functions for centralised control and monitoring. Workplaces and presentation units comprise standardised computer for modern network technology means that the Control Centre can be located anywhere. Communication with interlockings can take place via normally accessible media (copper wire, radio, fibre, etc.). Far-reaching integration means that the graphical interfaces can include information from various sub technical systems. Consequently, the number of screens on the desk can easily be limited.

Cactus TMS is designed to be customised and comprises several modules:

  • Centralised Traffic Control
  • Automatic Route Setting
  • Log, replay and alarm
  • Communication with interlocking
  • Train Describer System
  • Train Graph
Cactus Cactus plan 750pix
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DECEL specializes in high-quality products and services for marshalling yards, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and economic benefits. With over 50 years of experience, we excel in deceleration technologies that optimize marshalling yard operations, ensuring smoother freight car movement and enhanced safety. We prioritize increased safety for goods and personnel. Our solutions streamline operations, minimizing downtime and optimizing resource utilization, leading to cost savings. DECEL systems also give you full redundancy for less downtime.

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Dellner Couplers AB

Dellner Couplers AB is the world leading supplier of complete Train Connection Systems. We provide couplers, gangways, hatches, dampers and Crash Management Systems as well as global aftermarket services for the train manufacturers and operators all over the world. The head office is located in Vika, outside Falun in Sweden. Moreover Dellner has sales and service organizations in 15 countries. The turnover is 160 MEUR with around 800 employees located across the globe.

Key products/services
Couplers, gangways, hatches, dampers, Crash Management Systems, Train Protection Products, After Sales services (upgrades & modernization, overhaul, repairs, technical support & training, service & maintenance).

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Global supplier of Electric connection systems, complete with accessories, support and know-how.

Key products/services
Connectors, crimping systems, crimping tools, terminals, cable lugs.

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Goldschmidt Sweden – A Goldschmidt company

Goldschmidt Sweden is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of road-rail vehicles. Our range encompasses catenary maintenance vehicles, tunnel and bridge inspection vehicles, grinding and welding vehicles, and other customized solutions for the maintenance and construction of tracks.

Key products/services

With nearly five decades of experience in developing, designing, and manufacturing of road-rail vehicles, we consistently deliver cutting-edge products customized to meet your specific needs and local regulations. Our commitment is to offer the most reliable road-rail vehicles built to the highest technological standards, contributing to safety, sustainability, and durability of your railway infrastructure.

With service partners all over the world, we provide local support including everything from spare parts to customized service and maintenance solutions. Additionally, we offer training sessions for your operators and technical staff to ensure safe and efficient operation of our vehicles.

Two ways. One vehicle. Limitless possibilities. Make your railway infrastructure more reliable, safe, and efficient – with Goldschmidt road-rail vehicles.

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Heidelberg Materials Precast Abetong AB

Leading supplier of precast concrete railway products alone and together with internationally renowned partners. Scope includes technology, product design and development as well as construction and installation of production equipment. Product portfolio includes mainline and turnout sleepers, slab track panels, catenary poles and grade crossings. Member of CHARMEC since 1995 and active as supervisor within several Ph.D. projects. Abetong is a part of Heidelberg Materials one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of building materials and solutions with leading market positions in cement, aggregates, and ready-mixed concrete.

Key products/services
Precast concrete railway products.

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