Backer BHV AB

Nibe Railway Components (NRC) is a cooperation between companies within the NIBE Element Group. The Element group is, in turn, one of the three business units of NIBE Industries. NIBE Industries is a 1 billion € company with 10 000 employees on four continents who has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1997.

NRC is a global producer and developer of components as well as complete intelligent solutions and software technology for the rail industry. The solutions cover both infrastructure and rolling stock.

Backer BHV and Calesco are two units in the NRC cooperation, and part of the NIBE Element Group, offering solutions primarily to the rolling stock market.

Backer BHV focuses on HVAC and Comfort Heating and have more than 60 years of accumulated competence and experience in the rail sector. Main product technologies are tubular elements, aluminum profiles as well as measurement- and control devices.

Calesco, a business unit within Backer BHV, offers the widest product range of all flexible foil heater manufacturers in the world. Over 40 years of experience, from a diversity of industry sectors and applications, has given Calesco the competence not only to supply heating components but complete, intelligent and light weight flexible foil solutions.

Key products/service

  • Floor heating
  • Wastewater pipe heaters
  • Coupler heaters
  • Mirror heaters
  • Temperature controllers
  • Body side heaters
  • Tubular heaters
  • Flexible foil heaters
  • Aluminum elements
  • Switch point heating
  • Contact wire heating
  • Resistor load systems
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Company name:Backer BHV AB
Address:Fabriksgatan 11
Zip code & City:SE-280 10 SÖSDALA
Phone number:+46 451 661 00
Contact & E-mail:Johan Harder at Calesco
Ronnie Svensson at Backer BHV
Tomas Nordqvist at Calesco