Cactus Rail AB

We deliver turn-key projects for rail traffic solutions. Our traffic management system is part of the ERTMS roll-out in Sweden. Cactus can help you unify your diverse infrastructure whatever their age or system type. Our Analytics platform enables data driven decisions to optimize the life cycle cost of critical assets. Cactus is a natural long-term partner in managing rail bound traffic.

Key products/services
Cactus Traffic Management System (TMS). The Cactus Traffic Management System includes all the fundamental functions for centralised control and monitoring. Workplaces and presentation units comprise standardised computer for modern network technology means that the Control Centre can be located anywhere. Communication with interlockings can take place via normally accessible media (copper wire, radio, fibre, etc.). Far-reaching integration means that the graphical interfaces can include information from various sub technical systems. Consequently, the number of screens on the desk can easily be limited.

Cactus TMS is designed to be customised and comprises several modules:

  • Centralised Traffic Control
  • Automatic Route Setting
  • Log, replay and alarm
  • Communication with interlocking
  • Train Describer System
  • Train Graph
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Company name:Cactus Rail AB
Address:Flöjelbergsgatan 1C
Zip code & City: SE-431 35 MÖLNDAL
Phone number:+46 31 86 97 03
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Contact person:Viktor Jakobsson