Goldschmidt Sweden – A Goldschmidt company

Goldschmidt Sweden is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of road-rail vehicles. Our range encompasses catenary maintenance vehicles, tunnel and bridge inspection vehicles, grinding and welding vehicles, and other customized solutions for the maintenance and construction of tracks.

Key products/services

With nearly five decades of experience in developing, designing, and manufacturing of road-rail vehicles, we consistently deliver cutting-edge products customized to meet your specific needs and local regulations. Our commitment is to offer the most reliable road-rail vehicles built to the highest technological standards, contributing to safety, sustainability, and durability of your railway infrastructure.

With service partners all over the world, we provide local support including everything from spare parts to customized service and maintenance solutions. Additionally, we offer training sessions for your operators and technical staff to ensure safe and efficient operation of our vehicles.

Two ways. One vehicle. Limitless possibilities. Make your railway infrastructure more reliable, safe, and efficient – with Goldschmidt road-rail vehicles.

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Company name:Goldschmidt Sweden AB
Address:Box 153
Zip code & City:SE-283 35 OSBY
Phone number:+ 46 479 175 00
Fax:+ 46 479 175 45
Contact person:Stefan Magnusson