Latronix AB

Measurement and Analysis – Rail and Overhead Line. Latronix develops and manufactures measurement systems for railway applications. The measurement systems are based on laser technology in combination with high-performance optical and state of the art inertial sensors. Compact modular designs make it possible to install the measuring systems on road-rail vehicles as well as on high-speed measurement trains. Measurement applications: Track Geometry (EN 13848-1 / EN 13848-2 / EN 13848-3), Rail profile, Rail Wear, Rail Gauge, Overhead Line Geometry (height and stagger), Overhead Line Wear. Our philosophy is to empower the Customer putting the Customer in control of their data.

Key products/services
OWLS OHL Geometry and Wear; Measures height, stagger and wear of overhead lines (catenary).
OWLS Track Geometry OTG; Characterization of track geometry in compliance with European standards EN 13848-1 / EN 13848-2 / EN 13848-3.

OWLS measuring systems with advanced analysis software provides solutions required to:

  • Detect track and OHL faults and detoriation automatically (generated alarms)
  • When serious fault identified, enhance safety with immediate imposition of Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSR)
  • To target limited maintenance budgets on repairs where most needed
  • To validate track repairs “on the go” enabling return to full service timetable as soon as works completed



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