Meet Westermo

Westermo, a leader in industrial data communications for over 45 years, specializes in robust solutions for mission-critical applications, significantly impacting rail systems globally. As they facilitate the future of connected mobility, Westermo addresses emerging trends in railway industry, focusing on the growing need for wireless connectivity and cybersecurity. We talked to Westermo’s Mikael Jidenius, Global Market Director Trackside and Mark Gibbs, Global Market Director Train Networks.

Tell us about Westermo!

westermo logo b– Westermo provides a full range of industrial data communications solutions for mission critical applications. For more than 45 years Westermo has been at the forefront of technological development and today our networking technology is used to support both critical and non-critical rail systems installed in hundreds of applications around the world. At Westermo, we enable the future of connected mobility.

What important trends do you see in the development of the railway industry?

– The rail industry is experiencing an increasing demand for wireless connectivity, and it’s not only due to passengers expecting uninterrupted access to high-speed internet during their travels. Connectivity is crucial for the rail industry as it enables operators to monitor and control trains in real-time, ensuring passenger safety and optimizing operational efficiency.

– The growing demand for wireless connectivity in the rail industry has significant implications for cybersecurity, as the increased use of internet-connected devices and systems also increases the potential attack surface for cyber threats. Rail operators must prioritize cybersecurity measures to protect against malicious actors attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in the wireless infrastructure and systems, which could have severe consequences for both passenger safety and operational continuity.


What challenges do you solve for the customer?

– Through partnerships with the world’s leading rail companies, our robust and secure networking solutions and technical expertise support the safe operation of critical railway systems from TCMS to CBTC and signalling. In collaboration with our partners, we can unlock innovations in connected mobility, providing high-speed wireless solutions for connected systems such as predictive maintenance, passenger Wi-Fi and Infotainment (PIS).

Why is it an advantage to work with companies from Sweden on a global market?

– A Swedish company inhibits the core values of Swedish society, such as dependability, quality, and honesty. Innovative and technologically advanced are the hallmarks of Swedish companies. 

Why are you a member of Swerig?

– There are many reasons why Westermo is a member of Swerig. It allows us to establish connections with customers on a global scale and provides great opportunities for learning from fellow members. One of the most valued aspects of Swerig is the chance to both learn from and provide guidance to other members based on our strengths. The organization’s seminars and events are particularly valuable in this regard. Additionally, we appreciate the diversity of companies that are part of Swerig.

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The Westermo team at Innotrans 2022.