Meet Roxtec International

Founded in Sweden in 1990, Roxtec revolutionized cable and pipe installations with its Multidiameter™ technology, a versatile sealing solution adaptable to various sizes. Today, Roxtec not only provides innovative sealing solutions but also offers design services and tools across diverse sectors like marine, offshore oil and gas, power, and infrastructure, with a core mission to protect life and assets. We talked to Michael Bengs, Sr. Sales Engineer/ KAM.

Tell us about Roxtec!

– Roxtec was founded in Sweden in 1990 with the invention of Multidiameter™, a solution for adaptability to cables and pipes of different sizes based on sealing modules with removable layers. This flexible concept revolutionized the process of cable routing and pipe installation, simplifying design, speeding up installation work and reducing the need for stock, material and logistics.

– Today, Roxtec supplies sealing solutions as well as design services and tools to many international projects within marine, offshore oil and gas, power, process industries, infrastructure and equipment manufacturing. Our purpose is to protect life and assets.

What challenges do your products solve for the customer?

– The rail infrastructure environment means many risks that could cause damage and even downtime and accidents. Water, rodents and fire can harm the equipment severely. The Roxtec sealing system protects against fire, gas, water, dust, blast, pests, pressure and temperature changes. It also reduces noise, vibration and material fatigue, and exists in versions for EMC, hazardous locations (Ex) and bonding, grounding and lightning protection.

The system is certified by all major classification authorities. Roxtec products count 285 certificates, including IECEx/ATEX and MED, as well as 430 registered tests and approvals.

– The seals are used worldwide to ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability. They are also appreciated for the clean installation process, the area efficiency and the adaptability to a wide range of cables, metal pipes and plastic pipes. The system is designed for cost-efficiency, from the design and building phase to maintenance. The ability to open up the seals to add cables or make quick changes simplifies maintenance and retrofit.

What important trends do you see in the development of the railway industry?

– Rapid urbanization combined with climate changes and electrification do increase the demand for investments in critical infrastructure like railways. There is a great need for new construction and modernization of existing infrastructure and equipment like signaling systems.

Why is it an advantage to work with companies from Sweden in a global market?

– Local presence and global experience is the perfect cross-fertilization. Roxtec’s mission revolves around assisting owners, designers, and contractors, and this dedication means that we serve customers across over 80 markets through subsidiaries and distributors. By being locally present, Roxtec ensures local product availability, quick support and fast deliveries with experience from each market.

Why are you member’s of Swerig?

– Networks and shared interests, important seminars and the breadth of contact networks in the railway sector Swerig offers.

Learn more about Roxtec on their website.

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